Light of the Soil Worm Coalition Workshop 10/15/2023 - Audio

The Light of the Soil Worm Coalition Workshop on October 15, 2023 at 11 AM was a resounding success, leaving Luke, Mason, Katie, and Mikayla – our fantastic quartet of "worm warriors" – brimming with knowledge, exercise, and sheer excitement!

This exclusive workshop provided these four young minds, each of varying ages, with an entrancing insight into the captivating world of worm ranching, with a particular focus on the fascinating Red Wiggler composting worms. The day unfolded with a series of engaging activities that transformed this event into a genuinely enriching and unforgettable experience.

Local Food Waste Chopping: Luke, Mason, Katie, and Mikayla enthusiastically embraced the concept of reducing food waste into smaller pieces for our composting worms. They took to the task of chopping local food waste with gusto, fully comprehending the significance of this sustainable practice.

Carbon Harvesting: The pine tree "forest" next to Paw Paw Industries in North Aurora, IL became a playground of adventure for our four young attendees. Luke, Mason, Katie, and Mikayla's faces lit up with excitement as they harvested carbon, a vital ingredient for creating an ideal worm food environment.

Feeding the Worms: The action-filled moment arrived as our quartet of worm warriors took on the important role of nurturing approximately 30,000 adult and baby Red Wiggler composting worms. Their understanding of the worms' role in the ecosystem deepened, all while having an absolute blast during the process. It was here that something remarkable occurred - little Katie's eyeballs nearly popped out in sheer amazement when Luke lifted an apple in one of the breeder worm bins. More than 1,000 young Red Wigglers were busily munching away, a sight that left them all in awe.

The workshop was more than just a learning opportunity; it was a celebration of nature, sustainability, and the joy of discovery. Luke, Mason, Katie, and Mikayla were not just participants; they were the heartbeat of the event, infusing it with their enthusiasm. They didn't just learn a ton; they got exercise and had an absolute blast from start to finish!

The success of the Light of the Soil Worm Coalition Workshop hinged on the active participation and enthusiasm of these four remarkable young attendees. It was a testament to the power of hands-on learning and the lasting impact of nurturing a deep appreciation for our environment. Their presence made the event an unforgettable experience, and we can't wait to welcome them back for future workshops. Thank you, Luke, Mason, Katie, and Mikayla, for making this workshop a resounding success!

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