Why Worm Castings?

 What is Healthy Soil at Light of the Soil - Audio

The Makeup of Healthy Soil

Healthy soil is rich in essential nutrients and minerals that support plant growth. Light of the Soil, LLC can show you, your family, your company or organization how they can "reboot" their soil.  The key components of very healthy soil include:

1. Nitrogen (N): Important for leafy green growth and overall plant development.
2. Phosphorus (P): Vital for root development, flowering, and fruiting.
3. Potassium (K): Essential for overall plant health, disease resistance, and water uptake.
4. Calcium (Ca): Important for strong cell walls and root structure.
5. Magnesium (Mg): Aids in chlorophyll production and photosynthesis.
6. Sulfur (S): Crucial for protein synthesis and enzyme function.
7. Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Zinc (Zn), Copper (Cu), and Boron (B): Micronutrients that support various metabolic processes.

Additionally, healthy soil should have good organic matter content, proper pH levels, and a well-balanced structure that allows for adequate water drainage and aeration. These factors collectively create an environment conducive to flourishing plant growth.  Light of the Soil, LLC has found the best way to add organic matter to your soil, is to use LOCAL dead leaves as mulch, compost or both. Light of the Soil uses organic proprietary methods during compost processing, in order to maximize microbial activity and biodiversity. 


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