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#1 I have rolly pollies in my worm castings bin.

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I have rollie pollies everywhere in my worm bin. HELP!!!  Thanks

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Rollie pollies, also known as pill bugs or woodlice, are not necessarily bad for your worm bin, but their presence can indicate certain conditions that might need attention. Rollie pollies are detritivores, which means they feed on decaying organic matter, just like worms do. In some cases, they can help break down materials in your worm bin. However, there are a few things to consider:

Moisture Levels: Rollie pollies prefer moister conditions than worms. If your worm bin becomes too wet, it could become a more suitable habitat for these creatures. Ensure your bin's moisture levels are appropriate for worms, and this should also help manage rollie pollies.

Overpopulation: If the rollie pollies start to multiply rapidly, they might compete with your worms for food. An overpopulation of rollie pollies could be a sign that there's an excess of decaying organic matter in the bin. This might mean you're adding too much food for your worm population to handle.

Balanced Diet: Rollie pollies will eat a variety of organic materials, but they might prefer some foods over others. If they're congregating in your bin, it could mean they're finding more appealing food sources, which might suggest that the worm bin's diet isn't balanced.

Aeration: Rollie pollies require oxygen, so their presence could indicate an issue with aeration in your bin. Ensure that your bin has proper airflow to keep both the worms and other decomposers healthy.

Harvesting Castings: If you're planning to harvest worm castings from your bin, the presence of rollie pollies could complicate the process. They might need to be separated from the castings before you use them in your garden.

In general, having a few rollie pollies in your worm bin might not be harmful. However, if you notice their population increasing significantly or your worms struggling, it's a good idea to assess the conditions in the bin, including moisture levels, food sources, and overall health. Adjusting these factors can help maintain a healthy worm bin environment. We hope this helps!