WeFeed Light of the Soil Press Release Audio

In the heart of Warrenville, Illinois, a transformative initiative is taking root, spearheaded by the visionary Dr. Kristina Campione. As the founder of the "Warrenville Food Equity and Education Defense" (WeFeed) Foundation, Dr. Campione is at the forefront

of a powerful movement dedicated to nurturing the well-being of the community through access to nutritious food and education on sustainable living.

WeFeed's mission is a guide of hope and empowerment, aiming to provide Warrenville residents with healthy snacks, fresh produce, nutrition education, and opportunities for community gardening at no cost. This initiative not only addresses immediate nutritional needs but also fosters a culture of health, sustainability, and communal support.

One of the flagship projects under Dr. Campione's leadership is the establishment of a vegetable garden at Johnson Elementary School. This garden is more than just a source of fresh produce; it is a classroom without walls, where students and the wider community can learn about the importance of nutrition, the benefits of gardening, and the values of stewardship and sustainability.

Supporting this green endeavour, Light of the Soil, LLC, has generously donated their premier compost and worm castings soil to the Johnson Elementary Garden. This contribution ensures that the garden will thrive, providing a rich learning environment and a steady supply of fresh vegetables to underserved students and residents alike.

Through the WeFeed Foundation, Dr. Campione is not just planting seeds in the ground; she is sowing the seeds of change, hope, and resilience in the community. Her dedication to food equity and education is a testament to the belief that everyone deserves access to the resources they need to live healthy, fulfilling lives.

As the Johnson Elementary School garden grows, so too does the impact of WeFeed, fostering a future where nutrition and knowledge go hand in hand, and where every resident of Warrenville has the opportunity to flourish. Dr. Kristina Campione's vision is a reminder that, with compassion and collaboration, we can cultivate a world that thrives on the principles of equity, education, and environmental stewardship.

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