Rosati's Warrenville Flips Wasted Dough For Soil Health - Audio

Rosati's Pizza in Warrenville, IL, located at 2S610 State Route 59 Suite 11, is not only known for its delicious Chicago-style pizza but also for its commitment to community and environmental sustainability. As a proud Partner in Purpose, Rosati's in Warrenville is taking a significant step towards reducing food waste by providing unusable pizza crusts to support the fast-growing worms at Light of the Soil and Paw Paw Industries.

These worms are the unsung heroes of the Light of the Soil Worm Coalition movement, playing a crucial role in soil regeneration and sustainable agriculture.

The restaurant offers a variety of menu items, including traditional thin crust, double dough, Chicago deep dish, and stuffed pizzas, all made with a signature blend of cheeses and fresh, never-frozen dough. The sauce is a result of a secret family recipe, and the toppings are generous and fresh. In addition to pizza, they serve pasta, wings, sandwiches, salads, and desserts.

By partnering with Light of the Soil and Paw Paw Industries, Rosati's in Warrenville demonstrates its dedication to not only serving quality food but also contributing to a healthier planet. The initiative helps turn food waste into a valuable resource for soil enrichment, promoting a more sustainable food system. For more information about Rosati's Pizza in Warrenville and its environmental efforts, you can visit their official website or call them at 630-393-9393.

Rosati's Warrenville Flips Wasted Dough For Soil Health - Audio

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