Life Begins and Ends with Soil - Audio

Life Begins and Ends with Soil  

Life begins and ends with the soil. The biblical story of how Adam was created is the perfect example of the former and the common phrase “ashes to ashes and dust to dust” is a metaphor of the latter. Thus, all living things are “Lights of the Soil” by definition. We depend on soil for our very existence.

Light of the Soil’s mission is to educate the public on this important axiom and to illustrate to every man, woman, and child as to why they should be concerned about the poisoning of our soil through chemical fertilization and what each one of us can do to “Reboot the Soil” and eradicate the problem.  

Mankind has been bent on destroying our soil environment for decades. Oil derived contaminants have had a huge impact on the health of the soil, and it is not good. It is argued by some that cancer has had a huge surge in the 20th and 21st centuries due to how man raises food. What if more people grew their own fruits and vegetables and fertilized them using only natural methods?  

We can start by eliminating or reducing our use of man-made fertilizers in our gardens and yards. We can easily and cheaply help Mother Nature by enhancing her own methods of fertilization through vermicomposting. What’s that you may ask? That sounds gross. Does it involve varmints? Well, not exactly.  

Vermicomposting uses the mighty earthworm’s (or maybe red wigglers) intricate digestive system to add needed nutrients to the soil. It aids the aeration of the soil to keep it from being compacted in clay which increases permeability and allows for the retention of water in sandy soils. It also magnifies the environment for micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi to break down organic matter. Larger organisms such as flies, ticks, and other insects also help in this process. It truly is a complex system that creates the environment that allows man to grow nutritious food.  

Vermicomposting also helps slow down the growth of landfills. Most people throw their vegetables and other kitchen waste into the garbage can where it ends up in the many landfills on planet earth. What if we introduced this waste into an environment where worms can break down this unwanted organic matter and turn it into useful natural fertilizer? It is not hard to do. Light of the Soil is here to help you do just that. I know what you might now be saying. I don’t have the time to make my own natural fertilizer, but I would love to garner the benefits. Well, you are in luck. Light of the Soil, through its distributors,  offers the finished product at an affordable price. We will teach you how and when to apply it to grow succulent fruits and vegetables, restore dead areas in your yard, help injured plants and trees, and provide the knowledge that you are a taking a “small step, huge change” in your ecofriendly habits of life.

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