Bioturbation is the process of soil modification and aeration by living organisms, and it forms the cornerstone of our approach. At Light of the Soil, LLC and Paw Paw Industries, we understand that by harnessing the power of bioturbation, we can create superior products and systems for enriching soil and fostering healthier, more productive environments.

Our premium worm castings, for instance, are enriched with beneficial microorganisms and nutrients, thanks to the diligent work of composting worms and earthworms in our vermicomposting systems. These industrious creatures naturally aerate and mix the organic matter, leading to the production of nutrient-rich castings that improve soil structure and fertility.

In our compost teas, we take advantage of the microbial diversity that results from bioturbation. Worms and other soil organisms break down organic matter, and the resulting microorganisms contribute to the microbial diversity in our teas. When applied to plants, these teas introduce beneficial microbes that can enhance nutrient uptake and protect against harmful pathogens.

Our compost worm breeding systems are designed with bioturbation in mind as well. By providing a conducive environment for worms to thrive, we encourage the ongoing natural process of soil modification. This not only helps in sustaining our worm populations but also produces healthier, more fertile soils for our customers.

In summary, Light of the Soil, LLC and Paw Paw Industries embrace the concept of bioturbation to create top-quality, environmentally friendly products. By working with the natural processes of soil modification and microbial enhancement, we aim to support sustainable agriculture and gardening practices that promote soil health and increased crop yields.

Virtually no microbes on the left and many microbes on the right. Many flower beds are experiencing the left side, which stimulates quick fix fertilizer use. 



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